lang/seed7: update to 05_20211225


lang/seed7: update to 05_20211225


  • Support for syntax highlighting in vim has been added. Many thanks to Johannes Gritsch for providing the files doc/seed7.vim and doc/sd7.vim.
  • Chapters about ignoring values, bin64, bin32, bstring, fileSys, Transport Layer Security and the graphics library have been added to the manual. Many other chapters of the manual have been improved as well.
  • The new library imagefile.s7i has been added. This library supports various image file formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO, PPM).
  • The picture viewer program pv7.sd7 has been improved to use the function readImage() from the imagefile.s7i library.
  • The keyboard test program gkbd.sd7 has been improved to show more keys. These keys turn red when they are currently pressed.
  • The function equalFileContent() in sydir7.sd7 has been improved to use a reduced buffer size. A possible error that happens if just one file is at EOF after reading data into the buffers, has been fixed also.
  • In keybd.s7i, keydescr.s7i and kbd_drv.h definitions for KEY_CTL_0 to KEY_CTL_9 have been added.
  • In png.s7i an error that happend when reading tiny interlaced PNG files has been fixed.
  • In boolean.s7i the functions succ(), pred() and boolean() (conversion from integer) have been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR if the resulting value would not be TRUE or FALSE.
  • Tests for the boolean succ() and pred() functions have been added to chkbool.sd7.
  • Tests for boolean for-loops have been added to chkprc.sd7.
  • The operator -:= has been added to bitset.s7i, bitsetof.s7i and hashsetof.s7i.
  • Tests for set difference assignment (operator -:=) have been added to chkset.sd7.
  • The program chk_all.sd7 has been adjusted to the changes in the check programs.
  • The function width(aCharacter) (defined in char.s7i) has been fixed to return 0 for curser and function keys. The change has been made in chr_rtl.c.
  • In file.s7i the function skip() has been improved to avoid a possible endless loop.
  • In null_file.s7i the function gets() has been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR if the parameter ''maxLength'' is negative.
  • In graph_file.s7i, pixmap_file.s7i and window.s7i, the scrolling has been fixed.
  • In bytedata.s7i the functions getUInt16Le(), getUInt32Le(), getUInt16Be() and getUInt32Be() have been improved to use bytes2Int().
  • In filesys.s7i and osfiles.s7i the function readlink() is deprecated. The function readLink() should be used instead. The files cpio.s7i ftpserv.s7i, rpm.s7i, tar.s7i, find7.sd7 and sydir7.sd7 have been altered to use readLink().
  • In graph.s7i fhe function DRAW_FLUSH() is deprecated. The function flushGraphic() should be used instead.
  • The files dialog.s7i, graph_file.s7i, pixmap_file.s7i, bas7.sd7, bifurk.sd7, carddemo.sd7, castle.sd7, cellauto.sd7, clock3.sd7, dnafight.sd7, gkbd.sd7, klondike.sd7, lander.sd7, mahjong.sd7, mandelbr.sd7, mirror.sd7, pairs.sd7, panic.sd7, percolation.sd7, pv7.sd7, raytrace.sd7, shisen.sd7, sudoku7.sd7 and tetg.sd7 have been altered to use flushGraphic() instead of the deprecated DRAW_FLUSH().
  • In draw.s7i the put() functions with PSET and XOR parameter are deprecated. The functions without PSET respectively XOR should be used instead.
  • In graph.s7i the function setCloseAction() is deprecated. Instead of setCloseAction(popupWindow, RETURN_KEY); the statement selectInput(popupWindow, KEY_CLOSE, TRUE); should be used.
  • The files dialog.s7i, castle.sd7, klondike.sd7, lander.sd7, mahjong.sd7, mandelbr.sd7, pairs.sd7, panic.sd7, planets.sd7, shisen.sd7, sokoban.sd7, sudoku7.sd7, tetg.sd7 and wator.sd7 have been altered to use selectInput() instead of the deprecated setCloseAction().
  • In gzip.s7i the functions openGunzipFile(aFile) and openGzipFile(aFile) are deprecated. Instead of openGunzipFile(aFile), use openGzipFile(aFile, READ), and instead of openGzipFile(aFile) use openGzipFile(aFile, WRITE). The files rpm.s7i and tar_cmds.s7i have been altered to use the new function.
  • In strifile.s7i the function openStrifile() is deprecated. The function openStriFile() should be used instead.
  • The files htmldom.s7i, rpm.s7i, xmldom.s7i and chkbitdata.sd7 have been altered to use openStriFile() instead of the deprecated openStrifile().
  • In stritext.s7i the function openStritext() is deprecated. The function openStriText() should be used instead.
  • A syntax error in the library stritext.s7i has been fixed.
  • In echo.s7i, dir.s7i, pixmap_file.s7i and shell.s7i internal indentifiers have been renamed to use camel case.
  • Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the actions BLN_SUCC and BLN_PRED. Changes have been done in boolean.s7i, blnlib.c, blnlib.h, primitiv.c, comp/bln_act.s7i and comp/action.s7i.
  • Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the action SET_DIFF_ASSIGN. Changes have been done in bitset.s7i, bitsetof.s7i, set_rtl.c, set_rtl.h, setlib.c, setlib.h, primitiv.c, comp/set_act.s7i and comp/action.s7i.
  • In interpreter and compiler the actions BLN_ICONV1 and BLN_ICONV3 have been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR if the value is not 0 or 1.
  • The interpreter has been improved (in s7.c) to write an error message if the declaration of main() is missing.
  • The graphic keyboard drivers in drw_win.c, gkb_win.c and gkb_x11.c have been improved. Minimizing, maximizing and restoring a window triggers a KEY_RESIZE only when it is necessary. Now it can be checked if the mouse forward and back buttons are currently pressed. The event tracing in the keyboard drivers has also been improved.
  • The parameters of the function drwPut() have been altered in drw_dos.c, drw_emc.c, drw_win.c, drw_x11.c, drw_drv.h, drwlib.c and comp/drw_act.s7i.
  • The code generation for ENU_ICONV2 in the compiler has been improved (in comp/enu_act.s7i). Now it is similar to the code generated for BLN_ICONV1 and BLN_ICONV3.
  • The error logging in exec.c has been improved.
  • Several makefiles have been improved such that 'sudo make install' succeeds for an existing installation.
  • In blnlib.c the functions bln_pred() and bln_succ() have been added and the functions bln_iconv1() and bln_iconv3() have been adjusted. Now these functions raise RANGE_ERROR if the resulting value would not be TRUE or FALSE.
  • The function setDiffAssign() has been added to set_rtl.c.
  • In tim_win.c the function alternate_utime() has been improved to work more reliable (this is called by setMTime).
  • The function cmdReadlink has been renamed to cmdReadLink. Changes have been done in cmdlib.c, cmd_rtl.c, cmd_rtl.h and comp/cmd_act.s7i.
  • Documentation comments have been added or improved in array.s7i, bigint.s7i, bin32.s7i, bin64.s7i, bitset.s7i, bitsetof.s7i, bmp.s7i, boolean.s7i, bstring.s7i, category.s7i, char.s7i, cpio.s7i, dir.s7i, draw.s7i, echo.s7i, file.s7i, filesys.s7i, float.s7i, forloop.s7i, gif.s7i, graph.s7i, graph_file.s7i, gzip.s7i, hashsetof.s7i, ico.s7i, integer.s7i, jpeg.s7i, keydescr.s7i, line.s7i, logfile.s7i, lzma.s7i, null_file.s7i, pixmap_file.s7i, png.s7i, ppm.s7i, progs.s7i, reference.s7i, ref_list.s7i, rpm.s7i, shell.s7i, stars.s7i, strifile.s7i, string.s7i, stritext.s7i, subfile.s7i, tar.s7i, text.s7i, tls.s7i, utf16.s7i, utf8.s7i, xz.s7i, zstd.s7i setlib.c and set_rtl.c.


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