lang/seed7: update to 06_20210807


lang/seed7: update to 06_20210807


  • The bmp.s7i library has been improved. Now the function readBmp() works also for historical versions of the BMP format.
  • The function readIco() has been added to the library ico.s7i.
  • In msgdigest.s7i the run-time of the functions md4(), md5(), ripemd160(), sha1(), sha224() and sha256() has been reduced by 4% and the run-time of sha384() and sha512() has been reduced by 62% and 67% respectively (measured with gcc and valgrind).
  • The example program pv7.sd7 (Picture Viewer) has been improved to support the ICO graphic format. Additionally the window title is now changed also at the start and the end of the picture sequence.
  • The library gif.s7i has been improved to work also for the empty GIF image.
  • Functions to convert a bin64 or bin32 to a string of bytes with a given length have been added to bin64.s7i and bin32.s7i. To get the bytes of a bin64 or bin32 value use e.g.: bytes(number, BE, 4) The functions bin32AsFourBytesBe, bin32AsFourBytesLe, bin64AsEightBytesBe and bin64AsEightBytesLe are deprecated now.
  • In bytedata.s7i the functions int16AsTwoBytesBe, int32AsFourBytesBe, int64AsEightBytesBe, int16AsTwoBytesLe, int32AsFourBytesLe, int64AsEightBytesLe, bigAsEightBytesLe and bigAsEightBytesBe are deprecated now. The functions from the bytes(number, SIGNED, LE, 4) family can be used instead.
  • Calls of the deprecated functions have been replaced with the new function bytes(), which converts an integer to a string of bytes with a given length. The changes have been done in aes.s7i, blowfish.s7i, bmp.s7i, des.s7i, encoding.s7i, gzip.s7i, hmac.s7i, ico.s7i, msgdigest.s7i, rpm.s7i, tls.s7i, zip.s7i, bas7.sd7 and s7c.sd7.
  • Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the actions BIN_N_BYTES_BE and BIN_N_BYTES_LE.
  • The compiler (s7c.sd7) has been improved to generate optimized code for the actions INT_N_BYTES_BE_UNSIGNED, INT_N_BYTES_LE_UNSIGNED, BIN_N_BYTES_BE and BIN_N_BYTES_LE.
  • In zip.s7i an error in the function setMTime() has been fixed and the function close() has been improved to leave the actual ZIP file open.
  • Tests for the bytes() function have been added to chkint.sd7 and chkbig.sd7. These tests make sure that the compiler optimizations of the bytes() function work correctly.
  • The functions uintNBytesBe() and uintNBytesLe() have been added to int_rtl.c.
  • The functions bin_n_bytes_be() and bin_n_bytes_le() have been added to binlib.c.
  • Documentation comments have been improved in drwlib.c, intlib.c and int_rtl.c.
  • The documentation of primitive actions in the manual has been improved.
  • A debug printf() has been removed from the function socGets() in soc_rtl.c.


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