Eliminate a locking panic when cleaning up UFS snapshots after a


Eliminate a locking panic when cleaning up UFS snapshots after a
disk failure.

Each vnode has an embedded lock that controls access to its contents.
However vnodes describing a UFS snapshot all share a single snapshot
lock to coordinate their access and update. As part of mounting a
UFS filesystem with snapshots, each of the vnodes describing a
snapshot has its individual lock replaced with the snapshot lock.
When the filesystem is unmounted the vnode's original lock is
returned replacing the snapshot lock.

When a disk fails while the UFS filesystem it contains is still
mounted (for example when a thumb drive is removed) UFS forcibly
unmounts the filesystem. The loss of the drive causes the GEOM
subsystem to orphan the provider, but the consumer remains until
the filesystem has finished with the unmount. Information describing
the snapshot locks was being prematurely cleared during the orphaning
causing the return of the snapshot vnode's original locks to fail.
The fix is to not clear the needed information prematurely.

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mckusickAuthored on Jan 16 2021, 12:33 AM
R10:173779b98f10: Eliminate lock order reversal in UFS when unmounting filesystems