504ebd612ec: kern: sonewconn: set so_options before pru_attach()


504ebd612ec: kern: sonewconn: set so_options before pru_attach()

Protocol attachment has historically been able to observe and modify
so->so_options as needed, and it still can for newly created sockets.
779f106aa169 moved this to after pru_attach() when we re-acquire the
lock on the listening socket.

Restore the historical behavior so that pru_attach implementations can
consistently use it. Note that some pru_attach() do currently rely on
this, though that may change in the future. D28265 contains a change to
remove the use in TCP and IB/SDP bits, as resetting the requested linger
time on incoming connections seems questionable at best.

This does move the assignment out from under the head's listen lock, but
glebius notes that head won't be going away and applications cannot
assume any specific ordering with a race between a connection coming in
and the application changing socket options anyways.

4c0bef07be0: kern: net: remove TCP_LINGERTIME

TCP_LINGERTIME can be traced back to BSD 4.4 Lite and perhaps beyond, in
exactly the same form that it appears here modulo slightly different
context. It used to be the case that there was a single pr_usrreq
method with requests dispatched to it; these exact two lines appeared in
tcp_usrreq's PRU_ATTACH handling.

The only purpose of this that I can find is to cause surprising behavior
on accepted connections. Newly-created sockets will never hit these
paths as one cannot set SO_LINGER prior to socket(2). If SO_LINGER is
set on a listening socket and inherited, one would expect the timeout to
be inherited rather than changed arbitrarily like this -- noting that
SO_LINGER is nonsense on a listening socket beyond inheritance, since
they cannot be 'connected' by definition.

Neither Illumos nor Linux reset the timer like this based on testing and
inspection of Illumos, and testing of Linux.

(cherry picked from commit 504ebd612ec61165bb949cfce3a348b0d6f37008)
(cherry picked from commit 4c0bef07be071a1633ebc86a653f9bd59d40796e)


kevansAuthored on Jan 20 2021, 5:53 PM
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