NFSv4 server: Re-establish the delegation recall timeout


NFSv4 server: Re-establish the delegation recall timeout

Commit 7a606f280a3e allowed the server to do retries of CB_RECALL
callbacks every couple of seconds. This was needed to allow the
Linux client to re-establish the back channel.
However this patch broke the delegation timeout check, such that
it would just keep retrying CB_RECALLS.
If the client has crashed or been network patitioned from the
server, this continues until the client TCP reconnects to
the server and re-establishes the back channel.

This patch modifies the code such that it still times out the
delegation recall after some minutes, so that the server will
allow the conflicting client request once the delegation times out.

This patch only affects the NFSv4 server when delegations are
enabled and a NFSv4 client that holds a delegation has crashed
or been network partitioned from the server for at least several
minutes when a delegation needs to be recalled.

MFC after: 2 weeks


rmacklemAuthored on May 16 2021, 11:40 PM
R10:75b5caa08ef2: cam: turn KASSERTs into printfs for now