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Fix file descriptor and memory leaks in libdpv
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Authored by dteske on Jun 8 2016, 10:00 AM.



Close /dev/tty in tty_maxsize_update() if we open it
in the !isatty(fd) case to avoid leaking the descriptor.
Verify that we were actually able to open /dev/tty.

Don't leak a file descriptor and a process in x11_maxsize_update()
if fgets() fails.

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Build 4190: arc lint + arc unit

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I've only a couple changes I'll make before committing with reference to OP. Instead of "doclose" I will use "opened" which makes the code easier to read.

Sorry for the delay, had a disk failure take out my operations for a full 4 weeks, but finally got all the data recovered and back up and running