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snd: simplify SND_DECLARE_FILE

Authored by kbowling on Aug 16 2023, 6:52 PM.
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Follow up to 82a265ad9bad to remove string arg

The 'uniq' LINE gives more deterministic load order but seems a little sketchy.

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jrtc27 added inline comments.

The argument needs to be unique so that sndstat_unregisterfile can identify it. Other places do also use it as a string for printing purposes. Look for ->str in sndstat.c. This likely needs a bunch of reworking to not treat it as a version for the purposes of printing but rather to pass in an id for the name for the device like other driver-y things.

rpokala added inline comments.

Won't this break if multiple drivers happen to invoke this macro on the same line? Isn't that likely to happen, since it's usually early in the file, after the license and common headers? In fact, just scanning, there are definitely some cases of that happening.

Perhaps keep static char sndstat_vinfo[], and set the string to __FILE__? That would preserve the overall uniqueness of the original version, while removing the unnecessary macro arguments.


No; the SYSINIT uniquifier is only used to declare a static linker set member, so needs to be unique only within the translation unit. The version was never being used for that, and the uniq was never being used for sndstat_vinfo. The only issue is the one I highlighted below.


Yes, this is the sketchiness I referred to and no it does not regress versus what is currently going on, the string was not relevant to the situation. Using a line number as the 'uniq' is the issue.


Yes it does, and no it's not. Please go read sndstat.c very carefully and reread what I said above.

The diff you need here is much larger and also needs to be merged back to stable/13 as this has all been somewhat broken (but not fatally) since the switch to git.

These SYSINITs are used to build a linked-list of strings that are printed from one of the handlers. I've started working on a version that is MFC-safe that keeps the API but removes the implementation. I'll post it once it is ready. For HEAD we ultimately want to remove the macro entirely I believe.