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Move obj-tools and obj-kernel-tools up one level

Authored by emaste on Mon, Nov 21, 7:01 PM.



Move these out of the ${WORLDTMP} sysroot-ish. This is a small step to making ${WORLDTMP} a real sysroot, which will contain target headers and libraries required for cross building, but not the toolchain.

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emaste created this revision.

I have another change in my wip tree that changes WORLDTMP to be ${OBJTOP}/sysroot instead of ${OBJTOP}/tmp, but the compiler still lives in ${WORLDTMP}/usr/bin/cc and friends. Next step would be to move those out, leaving only headers + libraries.

I like the idea of moving in this direction.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mon, Nov 21, 9:11 PM

The tool chain and legacy/ binaries are the main items that need to be moved before ${WORLDTMP} is approximately a sysroot. Beyond those two there are a small number of locale files, some dtrace .d scripts, libxo csv.enc, snmp defs/tc.def, and share/misc/magic bits that I'm not sure belong in the sysroot (but are rather small and could be addressed individually in the future).

Oh, from share/mk/

# Cleanup a buildworld's WORLDTMP so that any files generated from it
# or using it will rebuild with the DIRDEPS SYSROOT.  Otherwise existing
# object .meta files may still reference those directories and not be
# rebuilt and lead to incorrect Makefile.depend files due to lack of
# .dirdep files.
.if !defined(NO_CLEANUP_WORLDTMP) && exists(${OBJTOP}/tmp/_worldtmp)
cleanup_worldtmp: .PHONY .NOMETA
        @echo "Cleaning leftover WORLDTMP from buildworld."
        -rm -rf ${OBJTOP}/tmp/*
        -chflags -R 0 ${OBJTOP}/tmp/*
        rm -rf ${OBJTOP}/tmp
beforedirdeps: cleanup_worldtmp

so presumably this should also clean up obj-tools/ and obj-kernel-tools/