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libmd: stop exporting _block symbols
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Authored by kevans on Mar 9 2022, 3:34 AM.
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These are needed across compilation units so we can keep the _libmd_
prefixing bits (though I suspect we're not likely to collide), but we
don't need to be exporting the unprefixed versions of these; it's an
implementation detail.

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kevans requested review of this revision.Mar 9 2022, 3:34 AM

These should also be removed from <sha.h>. This change will make D45444 easier as I don't have to stick to the prototype imposed by the old code.


Do we also still need the _version symbols? They seem to be specific to SSLeay's implementation and are probably not needed anymore.


I am not aware of any consumers of it. If you do remove it, also remove RMD160_version

So we have no old binaries with the *_block symbols to resolve? I'm skeptical of that notion.

What about the _Transform symbols? These also do not seem to be declared in the header files.