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comms/chirp: update to 20200213
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Authored by vishwin on Sep 15 2020, 9:55 AM.



This updates CHIRP to their py3 branch, which unfortunately isn't getting much love upstream. I've included many local patches to get this running using pygobject3 as well as wxPython4. Since pygobject3 has a pygtk2 compatability layer that is what I am focusing on when it comes to dealing with upstream's default branch. Thus, these patches in their current form probably won't end up there; this is more so that this port does not get removed for being Python 2-only.

Test Plan

Ran using both the wxPython4 and pygobject3 GUIs. Basic functionality like programming radios (such as the Baofeng UV-82/HP and BTECH UV-25X2) work but some functionality need some work due to differences in libraries.

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Build 30814: arc lint + arc unit