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Simplify linux_exec_setregs

Authored by trasz on Thu, Sep 10, 4:31 PM.


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Linux Emulation

Simplify linux_exec_setregs() by not duplicating exec_setregs().
No functional changes intended.

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Build 30766: arc lint + arc unit

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trasz created this revision.Thu, Sep 10, 4:31 PM
trasz requested review of this revision.Thu, Sep 10, 4:31 PM
mhorne added a subscriber: mhorne.Fri, Sep 11, 5:11 PM

Seems that this could be done in linux32_sysvec.c as well using ia32_setregs().

I'm not sure if the call to setup_lcall_gate() is safe for Linux binaries?

trasz added a reviewer: kib.Tue, Sep 15, 4:58 PM
kib added a comment.Tue, Sep 15, 5:40 PM

I do not like it. It makes changes to exec_setregs() to suddenly affect linuxolator.

In other review, you stop using native set_retval() in linux variant. So why move in reverse direction there ?

If so inclined extract the absolutely common code into some neutrally-named function and call it both from linux_exec_setregs() and exec_setregs().

trasz abandoned this revision.Mon, Sep 21, 12:59 PM

Yeah, you're right, this would be step in the wrong direction.