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graphics/xpdf4: Cleans-up & improvements
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Authored by 0mp on Thu, Nov 7, 9:17 PM.


graphics/xpdf4: Clean-ups & improvements

- Lint with portlint, portfmt, and portclippy.
- Add libpaper to LIB_DEPENDS and remove PAPER option. The PAPER option was not
  working for some time now (libpaper support was effectively always on
  regardless whether the PAPER option was set or not). Also, remove the patch
  that was supposed to add this functionality.
- Add pkg-message to SUB_FILES as there is a reference to LOCALBASE and PREFIX
  that should be patched dynamically and not hardcoded.
- Remove TYPE1 option as it was only adding a runtime dependency that is
  already present in RUN_DEPENDS anyway.
- Install GUI-specific files in a dedicated post-install target (this way we
  avoid some warning messages suggesting that we better set
- Regenerate patches with makepatch.
- Change the value of the Name key in the desktop file to "Xpdf".
- Install an icon so that it shows up in applications like
- Remove PRINT_LDFLAGS as it is already covered by USES=localbase:ldflags.
- Set as suggested
  by the ports QA

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0mp created this revision.Thu, Nov 7, 9:17 PM
0mp edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Thu, Nov 7, 9:19 PM
cy requested changes to this revision.Wed, Nov 13, 2:24 PM

This is a lot of change for one commit and will confuse or at the very least cause people who review commit logs a lot of work and pain following what was just committed. Can I request you break this massive revision into smaller functional revisions, please? This is something I learned when I was added a src commit bit.

If you think this is too difficult, I do this all the time. As to how I do this, I use git to make multiple commits to my tree, either testing or not between git commits. The important one is when I push it up to ports (or src) using git svn dcommit -- I use svn for only really simple commits that need to be done in a hurry to fix some immediate breakage.

I would start by running portlint, committing a "make portlint happy" commit, then the libpaper commit.

I would never approve a makepatch commit to recreate patches. It is unnecessary churn. This needs to be removed. If one must to clean up patches, this must be performed in a separate commit, but not part of some jumbo revision. Please remove this from any revision.

We cannot do multiple changes in one massive commit.


This probably does not work because the port's ./configure detects an already installed libpaper. Making it an absolute dependency does make sense. This should be a separate commit. See my general comments about this revision.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, Nov 13, 2:24 PM
mat added a comment.Wed, Nov 13, 2:50 PM
In D22279#488628, @cy wrote:

I would start by running portlint, committing a "make portlint happy" commit, then the libpaper commit.

Please do not "make portlint happy" portlint rarely gets it right. Please read the appropriate chapter about the order into which things go in a Makefile.