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Gives more fexibility to kernel installation
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Authored by salvadore on Apr 2 2019, 6:33 PM.


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Introduces a new USEKERNNAME variable set by default to "yes", that works as follows:

  • if USEKERNNAME == yes, then nothing is changed;
  • if USEKERNNAME != yes, then install all kernels in a directory named exactly as the kernel configuration.

For example, if KERNCONF = GENERIC CURRENT STABLE, then the 3 kernels would be installed in /boot/GENERIC, /boot/CURRENT, /boot/STABLE respectively. No /boot/kernel would be created.
Then, /boot/loader.conf should be updated with the new default kernel name (by setting the "kernel" variable) or a /boot/kernel file should be created manually (by copying a valid kernel directory, by soft linking to a valid kernel directory...).

Test Plan

I tested successfully the patch. I did not test what happens if no /boot/kernel file exists and the kernel variable in /boot/loader.conf is not defined.

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rS FreeBSD src repository
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