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x11-fm/nautilus-python: Python nautilus bindings

Authored by swills on Dec 3 2018, 8:28 AM.


x11-fm/nautilus-python: Python nautilus bindings

Nautilus-python is a set of python bindings for the Nautilus Extension 
Framework. With these bindings, you can write extensions for the 
Nautilus File Manager in python.


PR: 234548
Submitted by: Daniel Shafer <daniel shafer cc>
Differential_Revision: D18415

This is a recreation of the Nautilus python extension, updated for Nautilus 3.

Test Plan
  • portlint: OK (looks fine.)
  • testport: OK (poudriere: 112amd64, 12amd64, GTKDOC option tested)
  • maketest: NA

Diff Detail

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No Linters Available
No Unit Test Coverage
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Buildable 21724
Build 21008: arc lint + arc unit

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Using GPLv2+ will be better because its source file says 'either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.'

koobs added inline comments.
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Upstream name is nautilus-python (suffixed, not prefixed), can we call it that?

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Is this shared library stripped by default, or is a post-install: ${STRIP_CMD} needed? Review TEST PLAN section was not populated

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MASTER_SITES=        GNOME/sources/nautilus-python/${PORTVERSION:R} added inline comments.
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Line 28 & 29 should go above OPTIONS section ; as it is out of order per handbook

Rebased the port

After discussing with kwm, it is agreed on that nautilus-python is a good name
as it is a Nautilus Extension, similar to nautilus-sendto. I have also cleaned
up the port and corrected any issues with port ordering, portlint came back
clean. It is not a shared library so there were things I removed to clean
up the port. retitled this revision from x11-fm/py-nautilus: Updated port for nautilus python bindings to x11-fm/nautilus-python: Recreating port for updated nautilus python bindings extension..Dec 23 2018, 9:01 AM edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)

Wrong place in the Makefile. See Chapter 15. Order of Variables in Port Makefiles.

Moved INSTALL_TARGET to correct location. retitled this revision from x11-fm/nautilus-python: Recreating port for updated nautilus python bindings extension. to x11-fm/nautilus-python: Python nautilus bindings.Jan 1 2019, 9:08 PM edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details) edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)
swills abandoned this revision.
swills added a reviewer:

Was committed in ports r506809 (rP506809)