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Make dns/samba-nsupdate a slave port of dns/bind912
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Authored by timur on Aug 24 2018, 12:08 AM.
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While ago when samba ports needed specially compiled version of nsupdate with enabled GSS-TSIG feature I've just created a separate port for it, samba-nsupdate.

I find it's a duplicate effort to maintain such a separate port and think it's beneficial to make it slave port of the dns/bind* port. Such an addition requires some changes in the dns/bind-tools and dns/bind912 ports.

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Compile all 3 ports in poudriere, make sure that resulting packages are haven't changed.

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I completely disagree with this changes, I refuse to maintain the samba-nsupdate port.

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To avoid collisions with DHCP and other applications,
it might be better to just depend on the binaries created by bind-tools?

$ pkg which /usr/local/bin/nsupdate
/usr/local/bin/nsupdate was installed by package bind-tools-9.16.5

The port can error out if the tolls do not have ben build with the needed options.

I guess you miss the point.. For nsupdate to be any usable as a intermediator between Samba and bind9 it has to be compiled against (some) Kerberos library.

The default settings for bind-tools don't enable this option, and, at least in the past there was no selection of which Krb5 implementation to use.

Hence I had to introduce separate binary, samba-nsupdate which always build against Krb5.

From other side, it just a custom build of one binary from bind-tools and with a bit of OPTIONS magic and slave port it can follow the bind9 mainstream port nicely.

ATM I have to literally copy whatever mat@ did to the current bind port, which is kind of error prone and waste of effort.

What I proposed while ago is to have a happy family of bind9 slave ports which co-exist peacefully together.

But, for whatever reason mat@ is against it :(