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do not spoil a geom label if it can not be modified via its underlying provider

Authored by avg on Sep 14 2017, 12:01 PM.




  • disk id can not be modified at all
  • GPT partition ID or label can no be modified within the partition itself, they can be modified only via the table where the partition is defined
  • ephemeral labels (glabel create) can not be modified by modifying disk content

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avg created this revision.Sep 14 2017, 12:01 PM
ae added a comment.Sep 14 2017, 1:38 PM

I'm not sure about GPT volume labels. What will be if you do something like this?

MD=`mdconfig -s 100m`
gpart create -s GPT $MD
gpart add -t freebsd-ufs $MD
for i in `seq 0 100`; do
    gpart modify -i 0 -l LABEL$i $MD
avg added a comment.Sep 14 2017, 4:14 PM

@ae initially I was a little bit confused about your example, but now I see what you mean.
It seems that "GEOM::media" attribute change is posted for consumers that do not get spoiled.
Maybe the g_label code can make use of that fact.
Here is a very rough change that seems to do the job:

static void
g_label_attrchanged(struct g_consumer *cp, const char *attr)
        struct g_class *mp;
        struct g_provider *pp;

        if (strcmp(attr, "GEOM::media") != 0)
        pp = cp->provider;
        mp = cp->geom->class;
        mp->taste(mp, pp, 0);

But I wonder if there is something smarter and "gentler" that the code could do to handle that kind of change.

I feel that using GEOM::media as a way to signal a label change is missing the more fundamental problem: the code change is based on the assumption that labels can't change, which ae@ showed is false.

It's best not to declare the GPT partition label as a persistent label. The GPT partition UUID can be assumed to be persistent.

avg added a comment.Sep 14 2017, 5:22 PM

@marcel I never intended for "persistent" to mean "can never change". I only meant it to mean that, using Andrey's example, opening md0p1 for writing can not result in its label changing.
However, I did miss the fact that gpart control interface operates by explicitly spoiling consumers attached to modified partitions. I thought that the partitions themselves were spoiled and the consumers became orphaned.
So, this was a hole in my original design that Andrey pointed out.
But I think that it does not invalidate the general idea.
It's unfortunate that both the opening of md0p1 for writing and the re-labeling of md0p1 use the same mechanism, the spoiling, to convey the actions to consumers.

But in any case it seems that I got more than one thing very wrong and the current patch does not do what I intended for it to do.
So, it is not ready for a review yet...

avg added a comment.Sep 22 2017, 1:57 PM

I see two main problems to implementing what I wanted:

  • spoil can be called for different reasons (e.g., a provider is opened for writing via another consumer vs. some properties of the provider are modified) and there is no way of telling them apart
  • g_label can attach several consumers, each with its own geom, to the same provider and GEOM does not call taste method of a class if a geom of that class is already attached to a provider
    • this makes it impossible to taste for new labels if a label is already attached

I do not see any solution or easy way around these issues, so I am abandoning the whole idea for now.

avg abandoned this revision.Sep 22 2017, 1:57 PM