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french/verbiste update to 0.1.41

Authored by linimon on Nov 26 2014, 6:38 AM.


  • Port updated to 0.1.41
  • GUI is now enabled by default in upstream configure file
  • Adding NLS knob for gettext
  • Tidying pkg-plist
Test Plan

Poudriere, see P38 for results.

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This can't be right. If NLS is off, how do you ensure that verbiste will not link against libintl? You need --disable-nls. I'm not sure if this is possible (or makes sense) for the GTK client.


Has the GNOME option been tested at all? I think the last time time we broached this, you said you didn't use it and neither do I. I doubt that this option is correct after bit-rotting for years, and it should just be removed.

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Okay, I rollback this one.


I've checked with @kwm, who didn't see any reason it couldn't be working

I've then reinstalled a GUI environment, it still compiles and runs.


This one has been replaced by by-size icons, so pkg-plist must be updated for GUI.

dereckson updated this revision to Diff 2661.Dec 6 2014, 12:40 PM
  • Restoring former gettext configuration
  • Fixing PNG icon files
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dereckson edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)
naddy added a comment.Dec 7 2014, 10:16 PM

I tried diff 2 on 10.1-STABLE/amd64, but neither the command-line tools nor the GTK client work at all. They simply abort with "conversion from wide characters to UTF-8 not supported".

wideToUTF8Conv = iconv_open("UTF-8", "WCHAR_T");

Does this require GNU iconv?

dereckson added a comment.EditedDec 7 2014, 10:24 PM

Can't repro on FreeBSD 10.

According man 3 iconv_open, it's included in Standard C Library.

So issue will be about WCHAR_T it seems.

naddy added a reviewer: naddy.EditedDec 30 2014, 9:14 PM
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I don't know why you can't reproduce the problem. It also affects the version in the ports tree (0.1.33_2) and the official packages are broken.

Converting to WCHAR_T is an extension and requires GNU iconv. This can simply be accomplished with USES=iconv:wchar_t. There is also a fix to src/verbiste/ required to actually link libverbiste with libiconv.

I made a complete patch, but I can't figure out how to attach it to this revision in Differential. (An abortive attempt ended up as D1399.)

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